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Contralateral auditory brainstem response abnormalities in acoustic neuroma

  • D. A. Moffat (a1), D. M. Baguley (a1), D. G. Hardy (a1) and Y. N. Tsui (a1)


Contralateral Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) findings in a series of 79 patients with unilateral acoustic neuroma are presented. Sixty-four patients (81 per cent) had a normal contralateral ABR, thirteen (16.4 per cent) had latency abnormalities contralaterally and in two patients (206 per cent) no consistent responses could be recorded despite good hearing. Abnormalities in the contralateral ABR were analysed and five patients had abnormal III-V interwave intervals, in seven patients the I-III intervals were abnormal and in one patient, only the fifth wave was present and of abnormal latency. The tumour size was assessed by computed axial tomography (CT) and the relationship between tumour size and contralateral ABR findings established. Large tumours (>2.5 cm.) were associated with contralateral ABR abnormalities in 25.6 per cent of the patients, medium tumours (1.0-2.5 cm.) with ABR abnormalities in 14 per cent and there were no abnormalities in the small group (intracanalicular). The implications for interpretation of ABR recordings contralateral to an acoustic neuroma are discussed in relation to brainstem compression and its effect on the wave generator sites.


Corresponding author

D. A. Moffat F.R.C.S., Department of Otolaryngology, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QQ


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Contralateral auditory brainstem response abnormalities in acoustic neuroma

  • D. A. Moffat (a1), D. M. Baguley (a1), D. G. Hardy (a1) and Y. N. Tsui (a1)


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