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A comparative study of voice outcomes and complication rates in patients undergoing injection laryngoplasty performed under local versus general anaesthesia: an Adelaide voice specialist's experience

  • D Chandran (a1), C Woods (a1), S Ullah (a2), E Ooi (a1) and T Athanasiadis (a1) (a3)...



To compare clinical outcomes and complication rates in patients undergoing injection laryngoplasty performed under local versus general anaesthesia.


A retrospective review was conducted of patients who underwent injection laryngoplasty performed by a single laryngologist in a tertiary Australian laryngology centre, between February 2013 and December 2014. Patient demographics, anaesthetic modality and complications were recorded. Voice Handicap Index 10 and the Grade, Breathiness, Roughness, Asthenia, Strain scale were evaluated.


Thirty-four laryngoplasties were performed under general anaesthesia and 41 under local anaesthesia, with mean patient ages of 59.5 and 68.8 years, respectively. Voice Handicap Index 10 scores were significantly improved post-injection (p < 0.001), with no significant difference between general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia (p > 0.05). All aspects of the Grade, Breathiness, Roughness, Asthenia, Strain scale showed significant improvement post-injection, except asthenia. There were seven (9.3 per cent) minor complications (five in the general anaesthesia group, two in the local anaesthesia group), all managed conservatively.


Injection laryngoplasties performed under general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia offer similar voice outcomes, with comparable complication rates. Hence, development of a management algorithm for injection laryngoplasties performed under local anaesthesia is recommended.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Theodore Athanasiadis, Flinders ENT, Department of Surgery, Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park, Adelaide, SA 5042, Australia Fax: +61 8 8204 7524 E-mail:


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Presented orally at the 65th Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting, 4–7 March 2015, Sydney, Australia.



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A comparative study of voice outcomes and complication rates in patients undergoing injection laryngoplasty performed under local versus general anaesthesia: an Adelaide voice specialist's experience

  • D Chandran (a1), C Woods (a1), S Ullah (a2), E Ooi (a1) and T Athanasiadis (a1) (a3)...


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