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Coblation resection of paediatric laryngeal papilloma

  • A Rachmanidou (a1) and P C Modayil (a2)



To demonstrate the successful treatment of laryngeal papillomatosis in a 32-month-old girl, using coblation (radio-frequency ablation) resection.

Case report:

A 32-month-old girl was referred to the ENT out-patients clinic due to a hoarse cry and a very croaky voice since birth. Under general anaesthesia, fibre-optic airway endoscopy revealed a large papillomatous lesion involving the anterior glottis, which was reported as a laryngeal papilloma on histological analysis. This was later excised using an Evac 70Xtra wand. The patient made an uneventful post-operative recovery, and there were no signs of recurrence on repeated airway endoscopies at three and 18 months.


Coblation (radio-frequency ablation) is a promising surgical technique for the treatment of paediatric laryngeal papillomatosis. The main advantages of this technique include limited damage to underlying tissues and a bloodless field.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr Prince Cheriyan Modayil, 87 Cedar Court, Manchester M25 1GZ, UK E-mail:


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Coblation resection of paediatric laryngeal papilloma

  • A Rachmanidou (a1) and P C Modayil (a2)


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