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Clinical and histopathological prognostic factors in locoregional advanced laryngeal cancer

  • T S Santos (a1) (a2), R Estêvão (a1), L Antunes (a3), V Certal (a2) (a4), J C Silva (a1) and E Monteiro (a1)...



To evaluate the clinical and histopathological factors affecting the prognosis of patients with squamous cell locoregional advanced laryngeal cancer.


A retrospective chart review was conducted of 121 patients with locoregional advanced laryngeal cancer, primarily treated with surgery from 2007 to 2011. Disease-free survival and overall survival rates were analysed as oncological outcomes. Prognostic variables, namely gender, pharyngeal invasion, pathological assessment of tumour and nodal stage, adjuvant therapy, margin status, nodal extracapsular extension, tumour differentiation, lymphovascular and perineural invasion, and predominant growth pattern, were also analysed.


One-year and three-year disease-free survival rates were 81.3 per cent and 63.5 per cent, respectively. One-year and three-year overall survival rates were 88.3 per cent and 61.4 per cent, respectively. Multivariate analysis showed that nodal extracapsular extension (p < 0.05) and an infiltrative growth pattern (p < 0.05) were associated with disease progression. Nodal extracapsular extension (p < 0.05) was associated with higher mortality.


Nodal extracapsular extension and an infiltrative growth pattern were the main prognostic factors in locoregional advanced laryngeal cancer. The presence of pharyngeal invasion, pathologically confirmed node-positive stage 2–3 disease, close or microscopic positive margins, and lymphovascular and perineural invasion have a negative impact on prognosis.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Tiago Soares Santos, Rua General Norton de Matos, 86 1°Ct, 4050-424 Porto, Portugal Fax: 00 351 227 344 603 E-mail:


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