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Clear cell neoplasm

  • Chris Nichols (a1), Rose Yin Geist (a1) and Kara M. Nichols (a2)


We are reporting four cases of clear cell neoplasm. Local infiltration and destruction was observed in one case while in a second case, originating in the sublingual gland, metastasis to the lymph nodes occurred. The behaviour of these neoplasms has prompted the suggestion that these tumours be designated carcinomas rather that noncommittally tumours or neoplasms (Batsakis and Regezzi, 1977).

The histopathological characteristics of our four cases conform to those that have been articulated and believed to be the distinctive features of these tumours (Batsakis and Regezzi, 1977). It is hoped that ours and similar reports will be helpful towards clearing the diagnostic and taxonomic confusion regarding these tumours.



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Clear cell neoplasm

  • Chris Nichols (a1), Rose Yin Geist (a1) and Kara M. Nichols (a2)


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