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Case report: nodular fasciitis of the parotid region

  • Y Hidir (a1), H H Arslan (a1), O Gunhan (a2) and B Satar (a1)



To demonstrate the clinical and histopathological features of nodular fasciitis in the parotid region.

Case report:

A 24-year-old man presented with a palpable mass in the superior border of the parotid gland. The mass was firm and immobile, with a smooth surface. Fine needle aspiration cytology revealed proliferating fibroblasts, macrophages and adipocytes among the blood cells. Although a superficial parotidectomy was initially planned, a total excision was performed, as the mass was observed to be located in the periphery of the parotid tissue. Nodular fasciitis was diagnosed, based on the results of immunohistochemical analysis.


Nodular fasciitis very rarely occurs in the parotid region. These lesions grow quickly, and may be misdiagnosed as sarcoma. Trauma may play a role in their aetiology. Total excision is adequate as treatment.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Yusuf Hidir, Department of Otorhinolaryagology and Head and Neck Surgery, Gulhane Medical School, Etlik, 06018, Ankara, Turkey Fax: 90 312 3045700 E-mail:


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Case report: nodular fasciitis of the parotid region

  • Y Hidir (a1), H H Arslan (a1), O Gunhan (a2) and B Satar (a1)


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