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The caloric response in the contralateral ear in acoustic neuroma

  • M. V. Kirtane (a1), S. N. Merchant (a1) and S. B. Medikeri (a1)


The caloric test response from the unaffected ear in a case of acoustic neuroma may be normal, hypoactive or hyperactive; each has a different pathophysiological connotation: a normal response is the anticipated finding; a hyperactive contralateral response is due to the presence of a large neuroma with brainstem compression; and a hypoactive response may result from several factors, such as lack of mental alertness during the test, drugs like barbiturates, raised intracranial tension, or the presence of bilateral neuromas.


Corresponding author

Dr. M. V. Kirtane, Gokul, Tejpal Road, Bombay 400007, India.


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The caloric response in the contralateral ear in acoustic neuroma

  • M. V. Kirtane (a1), S. N. Merchant (a1) and S. B. Medikeri (a1)


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