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Broncho-alveolar lavage in chronic upper respiratory tract infections

  • H. Zeitoun (a1), W. El-Husseiny (a2), M. El-Sawi (a3) and M. A. Mandour (a1)


The relationship between upper and lower respiratory tract infections has been demonstrated previously, although the effect of chronic infection of One tract on the other has not been well studied. This work analyses the broncho-alveolar lavage fluid of patients with chronic purulent rhino-sinusitis and reveals and increase in the neutrophil nitro-blue tetrazolium dye reduction test positivity provides evidence for increased phagocutosis to compensate for the increased contamination of the lower respiratory tract.


Corresponding author

Mr H. Zeitoun, F.R.C.S., 27 Leacroft Lane, Churchbridge, Cannock WS11 3JX.


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This work was undertaken at Alexandria University, Egypt.



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Broncho-alveolar lavage in chronic upper respiratory tract infections

  • H. Zeitoun (a1), W. El-Husseiny (a2), M. El-Sawi (a3) and M. A. Mandour (a1)


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