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The Bonebridge semi-implantable bone conduction hearing device: experience in an Asian patient

  • W S S Tsang (a1), J K Y Yu (a1), K S S Bhatia (a2), T K C Wong (a1) and M C F Tong (a1)...


For over three decades, bone conduction hearing aids have been changing the lives of patients with impaired hearing. The size, appearance and fitting discomfort of early generations of bone conduction hearing aids made them unpopular. The advent of bone-anchored hearing aids in the 1970s offered patients improved sound quality and fitting comfort, due to the application of osseointegration. However, the issue of post-operative peri-abutment pin tract wound infection persisted. The Bonebridge system incorporates the first active bone conduction device, and aims to resolve peri-abutment issues. Implantation of this system in an Asian patient is presented.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Prof Michael C F Tong, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery 6/F Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, New Territories, Hong Kong Fax: +852 21458876 E-mail:


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