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Audio-vestibular manifestations of Chiari malformation and outcome of surgical decompression: A case report

  • A. U. Ahmmed (a1), I. Mackenzie (a1), V. K. Das (a1), S. Chatterjee (a2) and R. H. Lye (a2)...


Sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and ataxia are recognised symptoms associated with Chiari malformations but they are rarely the presenting complaints. Patients with such symptoms are frequently referred to otolaryngologists and audiological physicians. We report a case of a 13-year-old girl who presented complaining of tinnitus and impaired hearing, and was subsequently diagnosed as having a type I Chiari malformation. Pure tone audiogram showed a mild hearing impairment on the left side and the speech audiogram was normal. Auditory brain stem responses and the electronystagmography were abnormal. The patient underwent posterior fossa decompression following which her tinnitus disappeared, the hearing problem recovered and some of the abnormal electrophysiological parameters were corrected.


Corresponding author

A. U. Ahmmed, F.R.C.S., M.Sc., Senior registrar in Audiological Medicine, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road, Manchester.


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