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An unique tumour of the geniohyoid muscle: an intramuscular haemangioma

  • R. P. S. Harar (a1), A. Kalan (a1), C. L. Brown (a2) and G. S. Kenyon (a1)


We present the first case report in the English literature of an intramuscular haemangioma of the geniohyoid muscle. This occurred in a 24-year-old female and the diagnosis was not made prior to resection. Haemangiomas are uncommon tumours of the head and neck and intramuscular haemangiomas account for fewer than one per cent of the total. Diagnosis of the vascular nature of the tumour is often missed. Recurrence is common and usually due to incomplete excision. A review of the literature and a case report of theselocally destructive lesions is presented.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr R. P. S. Harar, 152 Wellesley Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 4LJ.


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An unique tumour of the geniohyoid muscle: an intramuscular haemangioma

  • R. P. S. Harar (a1), A. Kalan (a1), C. L. Brown (a2) and G. S. Kenyon (a1)


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