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Active middle-ear implant fixation in an unusual place: clinical and audiological outcomes

  • J F Polanski (a1) (a2), A D Soares (a1), Z M Dos Santos (a1) and O L Mendonça Cruz (a1)



The Vibrant Soundbridge is an active middle-ear implant for hearing rehabilitation that is usually placed in the long process of the incus or round window. This study reports on the unusual implant attachment to the short process of the incus in a patient with ear malformation, and describes their audiological and clinical outcomes.


Case report and literature review.


Audiological evaluation with the Vibrant Soundbridge implant showed a pure tone average of 31 dB. The speech test, at 65 dB HL, revealed correct recognition of 92 per cent of disyllabic words. The Glasgow Hearing Aid Benefit Profile showed high levels of satisfaction, hearing aid use and benefit.


Fixation of the Vibrant Soundbridge implant on the short process of the incus is a feasible option, with good clinical and audiological outcomes. Coupling the floating mass transducer to the short process of the incus is a good surgical option, especially when the long process and the oval or round window are inaccessible.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr José Fernando Polanski, Rua Des. Westphalen, 289–31, CEP: 80010-110, Curitiba, Brazil Fax: +55 41 3045 9400 E-mail:


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Active middle-ear implant fixation in an unusual place: clinical and audiological outcomes

  • J F Polanski (a1) (a2), A D Soares (a1), Z M Dos Santos (a1) and O L Mendonça Cruz (a1)


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