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Acoustic schwannoma of traumatic origin? A temporal bone study

  • T. H. J. Lesser (a1) and A. Pollak (a1)


A tumour of the singular nerve was found on examination of the temporal bones of a child who died 13 months after meningitis. The tumour consisted of a main mass with the appearance of an acoustic neuroma but close by and not connected were some nests of tumour cells inside the vestibule. This very unusual finding raises questions of the aetiology of this tumour which may have a bearing on the aetiology of other tumours of the VIIIth. nerve.


Corresponding author

T. H. J. Lesser, Department of ENT, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, UK.


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Acoustic schwannoma of traumatic origin? A temporal bone study

  • T. H. J. Lesser (a1) and A. Pollak (a1)


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