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Motivic invariants of p-adic fields

  • Kyle M. Ormsby (a1)


We provide a complete analysis of the motivic Adams spectral sequences converging to the bigraded coefficients of the 2-complete algebraic Johnson-Wilson spectra BPGL〈n〉 over p-adic fields. These spectra interpolate between integral motivic cohomology (n = 0), a connective version of algebraic K-theory (n = 1), and the algebraic Brown-Peterson spectrum (n = ∞). We deduce that, over p-adic fields, the 2-complete BPGLn〉 splits over 2-complete BPGL〈0〉, implying that the slice spectral sequence for BPGL collapses.

This is the first in a series of two papers investigating motivic invariants of p-adic fields, and it lays the groundwork for an understanding of the motivic Adams-Novikov spectral sequence over such base fields.



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