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Trichrome staining of Gyrodactylus sclerites and soft tissues following fixation in ammonium picrate-glycerin, including an improved rendition of the haptoral bars of G. turnbulli

  • G.R. Richards (a1) and J.C. Chubb (a1)


A simple technique using modified Mallory stain in the transferral of Gyrodactylus specimens from ammonium picrate-glycerin to a permanent mountant is described. Hamuli, their connecting bars and the penis sclerites are well defined by the technique as are muscles and tendons, cell nuclei, tegument and gland cells. As well as being useful in the study of general anatomy, the technique enhances the observation of the taxonomically important ventral and dorsal bars. In order to show this, improved illustrations of the dorsal and ventral bars of G. turnbulli are given along with explicit demonstrations of differences in morphology of the ventral bars of G. bullatarudis and G. rasini - two easily confused species.



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