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Taenia spp.: 18S rDNA microsatellites for molecular systematic diagnosis

  • P. Foronda (a1), J.C. Casanova (a2), E. Martinez (a1), B. Valladares (a1) and C. Feliu (a2)...


The 18S rDNA gene of adult worms of Taenia parva found in Genetta genetta in the Iberian Peninsula and larval stages of T. pisiformis from the wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Tenerife (Canary Islands) were amplified and sequenced. The sequences of the 18S rDNA gene of T. parva (1768 bp) and T. pisiformis (1760 bp) are reported for the first time (GenBank accession nos. AJ555167–AJ555168 and AJ555169–AJ555170, respectively). In 168 alignment positions microsatellites in the 18S rDNA of both taxa were detected for the first time (TGC in T. parva and TGCT in T. pisiformis) and differences in their sequences with different repetition numbers were observed. The use of nucleotide sequences of this gene in the resolution of systematic problems in cestodes is discussed with reference to the systematic status of Taenia spp. and mainly in human taeniids such as T. solium, T. saginata, and Asian human isolates of Taenia.


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Taenia spp.: 18S rDNA microsatellites for molecular systematic diagnosis

  • P. Foronda (a1), J.C. Casanova (a2), E. Martinez (a1), B. Valladares (a1) and C. Feliu (a2)...


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