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Studies on the life-cycle of Pleurogenoides ovatus Rao, 1977 (Trematoda: Pleurogenetinae)

  • K. P. Janardanan (a1) and P. K. Prasadan (a1)


The life-cycle of Pleurogenoides ovatus Rao, 1977, infecting the frogs, Rana tigrina and R. cyanophlyctis has been elucidated. All the life-cycle stages from egg to egg-producing adults were successfully established in the laboratory. The life-cycle took about 80 days for completion. Cercariae were found in the freshwater snail, Digoniostoma pulchella, collected from paddy fields at Chelembra, Malappuram district of Kerala, during the monsoon months. Cercariae are of the virgulate xiphidiocercous type. Metacercariae occurred in the connective tissues, hepatopancreas and musculature of the freshwater crab, Paratelphusa hydrodromous. The growth and development of the metacercariae in P. hydrodromous have been studied in detail. Frogs became infected when they fed on infected crabs. The prepatent period is 10 days.



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Studies on the life-cycle of Pleurogenoides ovatus Rao, 1977 (Trematoda: Pleurogenetinae)

  • K. P. Janardanan (a1) and P. K. Prasadan (a1)


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