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Rodentolepis straminea (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) in an urban population of Apodemus sylvaticus in the UK

  • R.L. Rushworth (a1), B. Boufana (a1), J.L. Hall (a1), V. Brannan (a1), A. Mastin (a1), R.J. Birtles (a1), P.S. Craig (a1) and M.T. Rogan (a1)...


The presence of the cyclophyllidean cestode Rodentolepis straminea (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae), was confirmed by molecular DNA analysis from a wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) population inhabiting urban woodland in Salford, Greater Manchester (UK) with a prevalence of 27.8%. It would appear that the only previously published record of this species in A. sylvaticus in the British Isles is that from south-west Ireland, where 24% of the wood mice examined were infected with R. straminea. This species has been recorded in studies on A. sylvaticus in continental Europe. The current report represents a new record for R. straminea on mainland Britain and a first study of helminth parasites in an urban wood mouse population.


Corresponding author


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Rodentolepis straminea (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) in an urban population of Apodemus sylvaticus in the UK

  • R.L. Rushworth (a1), B. Boufana (a1), J.L. Hall (a1), V. Brannan (a1), A. Mastin (a1), R.J. Birtles (a1), P.S. Craig (a1) and M.T. Rogan (a1)...


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