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Prevalence and pathology of helminths of ciconiiform birds from the Brazilian swamplands

  • R.M. Pinto (a1), L.A. Barros (a2), L. Tortelly (a3), R.F. Teixeira (a4) and D.C. Gomes (a1)...


The prevalence of helminths recovered from 108 birds representing eight species of Ciconiiformes from the Brazilian west-central region are presented. The digeneans Ascocotyle (Phagicola) longa, Clinostomum marginatum, Cotylotretus grandis, Ithyoclinostomum dimorphum, the nematodes Contracaecum multipapillatum, Desmidocercella ardeae, Eustrongylides ignotus, and the cestode Valipora mutabilis were identified. Contracaecum multipapillatum was the most prevalent species and E. ignotus the most pathogenic. Gross lesions due to infections with C. multipapillatum were characterized by ulcerative processes and hyperemia of the mucosa whereas those caused by E. ignotus consisted of perforations of the gastric mucosa and fibrotic tubular lesions in the gastric serosa. Histopathological examinations revealed necrosis and mixed leucocyte infiltrations and discrete compression of the mucosa in C. multipapillatum infections. Destruction of the mucosa and submucosa with the presence of fibrous capsules were observed in E. ignotus infections. Reports of accidental human infections, with severe clinical signs induced by these parasites, indicate the necessity of a proper evaluation of the pathogenicity of helminths of aquatic birds.


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Prevalence and pathology of helminths of ciconiiform birds from the Brazilian swamplands

  • R.M. Pinto (a1), L.A. Barros (a2), L. Tortelly (a3), R.F. Teixeira (a4) and D.C. Gomes (a1)...


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