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Pochonia chlamydosporia fungal activity in a solid medium and its crude extract against eggs of Ascaridia galli

  • F.R. Braga (a1), J.V. Araújo (a1), J.M. Araujo (a1), L.N. Frassy (a1), A.O. Tavela (a1), F.E.F. Soares (a2), R.O. Carvalho (a1), L.M. Queiroz (a1) and J.H. Queiroz (a2)...


The present study aimed to evaluate the ovicidal activity (type 3 effect) of VC1 and VC4 isolates of Pochonia chlamydosporia in a solid medium and the action of a crude extract of P. chlamydosporia against eggs of Ascaridia galli. To evaluate ovicidal activity in culture medium, 1000 A. galli eggs were plated on Petri dishes containing 2% water-agar with grown fungal isolates (VC1 or VC4) and without fungus (control group) and were examined at 1, 3 and 5 days post-inoculation (assay A). Then, to test the action of crude extracts of P. chlamydosporia (VC1 or VC4), 500 eggs of A. galli were plated on Petri dishes of 4.5 cm diameter with 5 ml of fungal filtrate from each tested isolate. The control group consisted of 500 eggs of A. galli with 10 ml of distilled water on each Petri dish (assay B). Fungal isolates were effective (P < 0.01) at destroying these eggs, showing a type 3 effect at the studied intervals. On the other hand, the crude extract of isolates (VC1 or VC4) reduced the number of A. galli eggs in the treated group compared with the control group by 64.1% and 56.5%, respectively. The results of the present study show that P. chlamydosporia is effective at destroying eggs of A. galli and could therefore be used in the biological control of nematodes.


Corresponding author


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Pochonia chlamydosporia fungal activity in a solid medium and its crude extract against eggs of Ascaridia galli

  • F.R. Braga (a1), J.V. Araújo (a1), J.M. Araujo (a1), L.N. Frassy (a1), A.O. Tavela (a1), F.E.F. Soares (a2), R.O. Carvalho (a1), L.M. Queiroz (a1) and J.H. Queiroz (a2)...


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