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Parameters of intestinal inflammation in mice given graded infections of the nematode Trichinella spiralis

  • M.S. Dehlawi (a1) and D. Wakelin (a1)


Four parameters of the intestinal inflammatory response (numbers of mucosal mast cells (MMC) and Paneth cells, villus:crypt ratios and mitotic figures) were measured in mice exposed to varying doses of infective larvae of Trichinella spiralis.The aim of the experiments was to determine whether generation of these components of inflammation required a threshold level of infection and whether, once triggered, inflammation became pan-mucosal. Near maximal MMC and Paneth cell responses were elicited even with infections as low as 35 larvae; changes in villus:crypt ratios and in mitotic indices also occurred at this level of infection, but were progressively greater with increasing levels of infection. In all infected mice, including those infected with 35 larvae, MMC and Paneth cell responses extended over most of the small intestine. These data are interpreted as showing: (i) that the intestinal mucosa is highly responsive to T. spiralis infection; (ii) that once triggered, components of the inflammatory response are amplified by T cell-dependent mechanisms, becoming pan-mucosal; and (iii) that MMC and Paneth cell responses, which require cell division and differentiation, become maximal at a lower infection threshold than changes in the villus:crypt ratio or in mitotic indices, which directly reflect increased rates of division in crypt cells.


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Parameters of intestinal inflammation in mice given graded infections of the nematode Trichinella spiralis

  • M.S. Dehlawi (a1) and D. Wakelin (a1)


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