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Opisthorchis viverrini: ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the glycocalyx of the tegument

  • W. Apinhasmit (a1), P. Sobhon (a2), C. Tarasub (a2), W. Mothong (a2), P. Saitongdee (a2), P. Sretarugsa (a2), C. Wanichanon (a2) and E.S. Upatham (a3)...


The ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the glycocalyx of the tegument of Opisthorchis viverrini during maturation from newly excysted juvenile to adult stages were investigated using colloidal iron, ruthenium red and lectin stainings. The results showed that the glycocalyx was intensely stained by the first two dyes, thus indicating the presence of relatively high amounts of negative charges. However, the thickness and intensity of the staining decreased during the fluke's maturation. Binding studies using lectin probes on the surface of adult parasites showed that binding sites for Canavaliaensiformis (Con A), Triticum vulgaris (WGA) and Ricinus communis I(RCA I) were present in relative large amounts on the glycocalyx of the adult tegument, whereas those for Dolichos biflorus (DBA) were relatively fewer in number, and those for Ulex europaeus I (UEA I) were absent. The binding patterns of Con A, WGA, RCA I and DBA were generally similar, and the reaction product was uniformly distributed over the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the parasite's body. These bindings, therefore, indicate the presence of D-mannose/D-glucose, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine/sialic acid, D-galactose and N-acetyl-D-galactosamine residues on the glycocalyx of the adult tegument.


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Opisthorchis viverrini: ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the glycocalyx of the tegument

  • W. Apinhasmit (a1), P. Sobhon (a2), C. Tarasub (a2), W. Mothong (a2), P. Saitongdee (a2), P. Sretarugsa (a2), C. Wanichanon (a2) and E.S. Upatham (a3)...


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