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On the Morphology of Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942 and A. siddiqii n.sp. (Nematoda, Aphelenchoidea)

  • R. Fortuner (a1)


Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942 is recorded for the first time on rice in Mali and Upper Volta, the morphology is discussed and the description of the species emended. Boehmeria nivea Gaud. (Ramie) is reported as a new host for A. besseyi. A. siddiqii n.sp. is described from Foeniculum vulgare Mill, in Sudan. A key is given to the species of Aphelenchoides with a star tipped tail.



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On the Morphology of Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942 and A. siddiqii n.sp. (Nematoda, Aphelenchoidea)

  • R. Fortuner (a1)


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