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Morphometric and molecular analyses of two digenean species in mugilid fish: Lecithaster mugilis Yamaguti, 1970 from Vietnam and L. sudzuhensis n. sp. from southern Russian Far East

  • V.V. Besprozvannykh (a1), D.M. Atopkin (a1) (a2), H.D. Ngo (a3), A.V. Ermolenko (a1), N. Van Ha (a3), N. Van Tang (a3) and A.Y. Beloded (a1)...


Adult Lecithaster mugilis Yamaguti, 1970 were found in Moolgarda seheli, Valamugil engeli and Liza subviridis in the coastal waters of Cat Ba Island (Halong Bay, Vietnam). Specimens of Lecithaster sudzuhensis n. sp. were found in Mugil cephalus located in an estuary of the Kievka River in the Primorsky region of Russia. Studies have demonstrated that these species share significant morphometric similarities with each other and with specimens of L. helodes Overstreet, 1973 isolated from M. cephalus and Mugil curema from the Mississippi Sound and adjacent waters. These three species differ from one another in the size of the pharynx and ventral sucker and in the ratio of suckers, while they differ from other species in the genus by having a relatively elongated oesophagus. Molecular analysis, using the 18S rRNA and 28S rRNA genes, confirmed the validity of L. mugilis and L. sudzuhensis n. sp. and demonstrated that these species form a shared cluster with L. gibbosus (Rud, 1802).


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