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Morphological comparison and identification of metacercariae in the ‘pygmaeus’ group of microphallids, parasites of seabirds in western palaearctic regions

  • D.H. Saville (a1), K.V. Galaktionov (a2), S.W.B. Irwin (a1) and I.I. Malkova (a2)


This study compares the metacercariae of a ‘pygmaeus’ microphallid discovered in Littorina saxatilis from the coast of Northern Ireland with the metacercariae of Microphallus piriformes and M. pygmaeus from the same species of gastropod mollusc from Arctic Russia. Light and scanning electron microscopy were used to provide morphometric and surface details for descriptions of the organisms concerned. Comparison and statistical analysis of the results established that the species from Northern Ireland was M. piriformes and not M. pygmaeus as had previously been assumed. It dearly indicates the need for critical assessment of the accuracy of literature dealing with the occurrence of ‘M. pygmaeus’ in both intermediate and final hosts.


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Morphological comparison and identification of metacercariae in the ‘pygmaeus’ group of microphallids, parasites of seabirds in western palaearctic regions

  • D.H. Saville (a1), K.V. Galaktionov (a2), S.W.B. Irwin (a1) and I.I. Malkova (a2)


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