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The mitochondrial genome of Dipetalonema gracile from a squirrel monkey in China

  • P. Zhang (a1) (a2), R.K. Ran (a1), A.Y. Abdullahi (a1) (a3), X.L. Shi (a1), Y. Huang (a1), Y.X. Sun (a1), Y.Q. Liu (a1), X.X. Yan (a1), J.X. Hang (a1), Y.Q. Fu (a1), M.W. Wang (a1), W. Chen (a2) and G.Q. Li (a1)...


Dipetalonema gracile is a common parasite in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus), which can cause malnutrition and progressive wasting of the host, and lead to death in the case of massive infection. This study aimed to identify a suspected D. gracile worm from a dead squirrel monkey by means of molecular biology, and to amplify its complete mitochondrial genome by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequence analysis. The results identified the worm as D. gracile, and the full length of its complete mitochondrial genome was 13,584 bp, which contained 22 tRNA genes, 12 protein-coding genes, two rRNA genes, one AT-rich region and one small non-coding region. The nucleotide composition included A (16.89%), G (20.19%), T (56.22%) and C (6.70%), among which A + T = 73.11%. The 12 protein-coding genes used TTG and ATT as start codons, and TAG and TAA as stop codons. Among the 22 tRNA genes, only trnS1AGN and trnS2UCN exhibited the TΨC-loop structure, while the other 20 tRNAs showed the TV-loop structure. The rrnL (986 bp) and rrnS (685 bp) genes were single-stranded and conserved in secondary structure. This study has enriched the mitochondrial gene database of Dipetalonema and laid a scientific basis for further study on classification, and genetic and evolutionary relationships of Dipetalonema nematodes.


Corresponding author

Authors for correspondence: G.Q. Li, Fax.: +86 20 85280241 E-mail:; W. Chen, E-mail:


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The mitochondrial genome of Dipetalonema gracile from a squirrel monkey in China

  • P. Zhang (a1) (a2), R.K. Ran (a1), A.Y. Abdullahi (a1) (a3), X.L. Shi (a1), Y. Huang (a1), Y.X. Sun (a1), Y.Q. Liu (a1), X.X. Yan (a1), J.X. Hang (a1), Y.Q. Fu (a1), M.W. Wang (a1), W. Chen (a2) and G.Q. Li (a1)...


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