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Influence of infection intensity on predilection sites in swine trichinellosis

  • F.J. Serrano (a1), J.E. Pérez-Martín (a1), D. Reina (a1), I. Navarrete (a1) and C.M.O. Kapel (a2)...


The muscular distribution of Trichinella spiralis or T. britovi was studied by digestion in 59 experimentally infected pigs and seven wild boars. Crus muscle was the predilection site in 89.3% of 28 heavily infected swine with 146–3634 larvae per gram (lpg), but in 51.6% of middle to light infections (0.005–59 lpg) the basis of the tongue showed higher larval densities than the crus muscle. The basis of the tongue was also the predilection site in 71.4% of wild boars. Highest counts in other muscles were found only in lightly infected pigs. The influence of intensity of infection, host species, and Trichinella species on muscle distribution is discussed.


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