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Humoral immune responses induced by Gymnorhynchus gigas extracts in BALB/c mice

  • M. Rodero (a1) and C. Cuéllar (a1)


The aim of this study was to determine if the plerocercoid larvae of Gymnorhynchus gigas, a common cestode of the ray’s bream (Brama raii), possess antigenic compounds potentially capable of provoking anaphylactic episodes. A murine experimental model, using BALB/c mice, was developed to study the humoral immune response induced by G. gigas extracts. A highly specific humoral immune response was detected and cross-reactions were not observed between parasite and host antigens. The presence of IgM and IgG3 levels suggest the presence of thymus-independent antigens in the parasitic extract. The IgG antibody class showed the highest levels, with the IgG1 the predominant subclass. These IgG1 levels are in accordance with the supposed presence of a type I allergic reaction after the ingestion of G. gigas plerocercoids parasitizing fish, as well as inducing anaphylaxia in fish. These results indicate that somatic products released from ingested larvae of G. gigas could induce the development of a Th2 response capable of causing allergic disorders.


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