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Helminth parasites of wild cats in north-east Scotland

  • M. D. B. Burt (a1), A. W Pike (a1) and L. K Corbett (a1)


Three cestode species, namely Taenia taeniaeformis Batsch, 1786, Taenia pisiformis (Bloch, 1780) and Mesocestoides litteratus (Batsch, 1786) and one nematode species, Toxocara cati Schrank, 1788, were found in wild cats collected in Grampian region, Scotland. Of the 41 cats examined, 25 were Felis silvestris, 12 were feral Felis catus and four were hybrids of F. silvestris and F. catus.



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Helminth parasites of wild cats in north-east Scotland

  • M. D. B. Burt (a1), A. W Pike (a1) and L. K Corbett (a1)


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