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The effect of gamma irradiation on Nematospiroides dubius. Factors affecting the survival of worms in a primary infection in mice

  • Jerzy M. Behnke (a1), Heather A. Parish (a1) and Paul Hagan (a2)


The infective larvae of Nematospiroides dubius were exposed to various levels (0–30 krad) of gamma irradiation by means of a Cobalt 60 source. Groups of mice were infected with these larvae and autopsied 5 weeks later for worm counts. It was found that male worms were more susceptible to irradiation than female worms. In both instances, however, the survival curve on a semi logarithmic plot was characterised by a shoulder at low doses and an exponential component at the higher levels of exposure. No male worms were recovered from mice infected with larvae given more than 12 krad but some female worms were capable of surviving 20 krad. The fecundity of female worms was reduced by 61% at 4 krad and totally ablated at 8 krad.

Further experiments demonstrated that the survival of irradiated N. dubius in vivo was related to the extent of the damage caused at the time of irradiation and was not dependant on additional host parameters. Thus neither the number of irradiated worms inoculated nor the sex of the host radically altered the sex ratio or proportion of the worms lost as a result of irradiating the larvae. Furthermore, treatment with cortisone or sublethal irradiation of the host did not increase the proportion of surviving worms. It was, therefore, concluded that a host immune response was not involved.



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The effect of gamma irradiation on Nematospiroides dubius. Factors affecting the survival of worms in a primary infection in mice

  • Jerzy M. Behnke (a1), Heather A. Parish (a1) and Paul Hagan (a2)


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