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Development, growth and migration of Philophthalmus gralli (Trematoda) from Jordan in the eyes of chicks

  • Naim S. Ismail (a1) and Issam M. Issa (a1)


The growth of Philophthalmus gralli from jordan was studied experimentally by inoculating 10 excysted metacercariae around the right eye of 47 day-old chicks. The growth rate was slow in the first three days during which flukes did not exceed 0·30 mm long. Then growth become rapid reaching 2·70 mm long on day 24. This was followed by a low growth rate during which the flukes grew from 2·70 mm to 2·90 mm on day 40. The flukes started to appear in the left eye on the day 12 post-inoculation of metacercariae in the development of P.gralli from Jordan was the same as of other species of Philophthalmus. However, a sixth stage, post-maturation stage, is suggested in addition to the 5 developmental stages of Philophthalmus. The ratio of the transverse diameter of the ovary to that of testes in the post-maturation stage was 1:1·1–1:1·2.



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Development, growth and migration of Philophthalmus gralli (Trematoda) from Jordan in the eyes of chicks

  • Naim S. Ismail (a1) and Issam M. Issa (a1)


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