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Characterization of the complete nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences of Eurytrema pancreaticum

  • X. Su (a1), Y. Zhang (a1), X. Zheng (a1), X.X. Wang (a1), Y. Li (a1), Q. Li (a1) and C.R. Wang (a1)...


Eurytrema pancreaticum is one of the most common trematodes of cattle and sheep, and also infects humans occasionally, causing great economic losses and medical costs. In this study, the sequences of the complete nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) repeat units of five E. pancreaticum individuals were determined for the first time. They were 8306–8310 bp in length, including the small subunit (18S) rDNA, internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1), 5.8S rDNA, internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2), large subunit (28S) rDNA and intergenic spacer (IGS). There were no length variations in any of the investigated 18S (1996 bp), ITS1 (1103 bp), 5.8S (160 bp), ITS2 (231 bp) or 28S (3669 bp) rDNA sequences, whereas the IGS rDNA sequences of E. pancreaticum had a 4-bp length variation, ranging from 1147 to 1151 bp. The intraspecific variations within E. pancreaticum were 0–0.2% for 18S rDNA, 0–0.5% for ITS1, 0% for 5.8S rDNA and ITS2, 0–0.2% for 28S rDNA and 2.9–20.2% for IGS. There were nine types of repeat sequences in ITS1, two types in 28S rDNA, but none in IGS. A phylogenetic analysis based on the 18S rDNA sequences classified E. pancreaticum in the family Dicrocoeliidae of Plagiorchiata, closely related to the suborder Opisthorchiata. These results provide useful information for the further study of Dicrocoeliidae trematodes.


Corresponding author


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