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Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Setaria digitata (Nematoda: Setariidae) from China

  • G.-H. Liu (a1) (a2), J.-Y. Li (a2) and X.-Q. Zhu (a1) (a2)


Setaria digitata is a filarial parasite that causes fatal cerebrospinal nematodiasis in goats, horses and sheep, resulting in substantial economic losses to livestock farmers. In the present study, the complete mitochondrial (mt) genome of S. digitata from China was determined, characterized and compared with that of S. digitata from Sri Lanka. The identity of the mt genomes was 98.3% between S. digitata from China and Sri Lanka, and the complete mt genome sequence of S. digitata from China was slightly shorter (25 bp) than that from Sri Lanka. For the 12 protein genes, this comparison revealed sequence differences at both the nucleotide (1.4%) and amino acid (2.2%) levels. The present study determined the complete mt genome sequence of S. digitata from China, providing novel genetic markers for the study of the population genetics and molecular epidemiology of S. digitata in animals.


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