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Biological control of Haemonchus contortus infective larvae in ovine faeces by administering an oral suspension of Duddingtonia flagrans chlamydospores to sheep

  • P. Mendoza de Gives (a1), J. Flores Crespo (a1), D. Herrera Rodriguez (a1), V. Vazquez Prats (a1), E. Liebano Hernandez (a1) and G.E. Ontiveros Fernandez (a1)...


A single oral dose of an aqueous suspension containing 11,350,000 chlamydospores of a Mexican isolate of Duddingtonia flagrans (FTHO-8) given to sheep, resulted in a maximum reduction of 88% (range 86.7–90.4%) of the population of Haemonchus contortus infective larvae in the faeces. The effect of this treatment continued for 4–5 days after administration of the suspension. The possible use of this treatment as a method of control of ovine haemonchosis is discussed.



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