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The anthelmintic activity of a novel organic arsenical, R7/45, upon Brugia pahangi in Meriones unguiculatus

  • D. A. Denham (a1), I. T. C. Midwinter (a1) and E. A. H. Friedheim (a2)


The new organic arsenical R7/45 is a rapidly acting and very potent anthelmintic against adult Brugia pahangi in jirds. Against adult worms implanted into the peritoneal cavity 5 subcutaneous (SC) injections at 2·5 mg/kg of R7/45 killed 100% of adult worms. A single dose SC of 20 mg/kg was 100% effective and 10 mg/kg 76% effective against adult worms. When jirds were autopsied at different times after treatment at 20 mg/kg SC 89% of worms were dead within three days. R7/45 was not active when given by stomach intubation. Pretreatment of jirds with R7/45 had no effect on adult worms subsequently implanted into jirds. R7/45 was highly active against third and fourth stage larvae of B. pahangi in jirds.



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