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An evaluation of the efficacy of monensin against Fasciola hepatica in the albino rat

  • P. J. Skuce (a1), I. Fairweather (a1) and J. W. M. Kenny (a2)


The in vivo efficacy of monensin against Fasciola hepatica was determined in the albino rat. The results were variable, with monensin generally showing greater activity against juvenile (two-week-old) than adult (12-week-old) fludes. Significant (p<0·005) reductions in worm burdens were obtained only following treatment of adult flukes with 2×10 mg/kg monensin (52·9% efficacy), and of juvenile flukes with 1×10 mg/kg (42·4% efficacy) and 2×10 mg/kg (56·23% efficacy). Monensin administered in the diet (200 ppm) had a negligible effect on juvenile and adult fluke burdens. Prophylactic treatment of rats with monensin (100 ppm) produced a 45·5% efficacy, but this was not statistically significant. At doses of 1×5 mg/kg and 2×2·5 mg/kg, monensin had little effect on egg output by F. hepatica. No clear relationship was established between egg output and worm burden, and so faecal egg counting was not a reliable indicator of fluke burdens in the rat.



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An evaluation of the efficacy of monensin against Fasciola hepatica in the albino rat

  • P. J. Skuce (a1), I. Fairweather (a1) and J. W. M. Kenny (a2)


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