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Adult worm tegumental damage and egg-granulomas in praziquantel-resistant and -susceptible Schistosoma mansoni treated in vivo

  • Y.-S. Liang (a1) (a2), G.C. Coles (a2), J.-R. Dai (a1), Y.-C. Zhu (a1) and M.J. Doenhoff (a3)...


The effect of treatment with praziquantel (PZQ) on the tegument of adult Schistosoma mansoni worms and on liver egg-granulomas has been examined in mice infected with PZQ-resistant and -susceptible parasite isolates. Two PZQ-resistant S. mansoni isolates, one selected by passage in the laboratory under drug pressure and one from Senegal established from eggs excreted by an uncured patient, were compared with PZQ-susceptible control isolates. Scanning electron microscopic observations on the tegument of Schistosoma adult worms treated in vivo with PZQ showed that more severe damage was inflicted by PZQ on susceptible worms than on drug-resistant worms. Observations on the pathology of Schistosoma egg-granulomas in the liver of infected mice after treatment with PZQ indicated that eggs from susceptible control isolates were more sensitive to PZQ than those from drug-resistant isolates.


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Adult worm tegumental damage and egg-granulomas in praziquantel-resistant and -susceptible Schistosoma mansoni treated in vivo

  • Y.-S. Liang (a1) (a2), G.C. Coles (a2), J.-R. Dai (a1), Y.-C. Zhu (a1) and M.J. Doenhoff (a3)...


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