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The adhesive attitudes of some gill-parasitic capsalid monogeneans

  • I. D. Whittington (a1) and G. C. Kearn (a2)


A description is given of three contrasting adhesive attitudes exhibited by three species of capsalid monogeneans from the gills of three different species of teleost fish from Heron Island, Queensland, Australia. The proximal end of the primary lamella of the coral trout, Plectropomus maculatus has a wide inner border, free from secondary lamellae, on each flat face. The haptor of Trochopus plectropomi is small enough to attach to this flat surface without folding. Benedenia sp. 1 attaches itself to the gills of stripey, Lutjanus carponatatus, by folding the haptor longitudinally around the inner edge of the primary lamella. Most specimens of T. plectropomi and all specimens of Benedenia sp. 1 were orientated with the anterior end projecting towards the tip of the primary lamella. Benedenia sp. 2 generally prefers relatively flat surfaces in the gill chamber but is more versatile in its choice of attachment sites on its host, the blacktip cod, Epinephelus fasciatus; two specimens were attached to the gill arch, one to a gill raker and one to the dorsal pharyngeal tooth pad.



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The adhesive attitudes of some gill-parasitic capsalid monogeneans

  • I. D. Whittington (a1) and G. C. Kearn (a2)


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