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Towards a method for high vertical resolution measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 within bulk sea ice

  • N.-X. Geilfus (a1) (a2), B. Delille (a1), V. Verbeke (a2) and J.-L. Tison (a2)


Fluxes of atmospheric CO2 have been reported over sea ice during winter and spring. These fluxes are partly driven by the gradient of the CO2 concentration between sea ice and the atmosphere. We present a new non-destructive method to measure the pCO2 of bulk sea ice at its in situ temperature. This method is based on an equilibration procedure between sea ice and a standard gas of known CO2 concentration. The concentration is measured by gas chromatography with a precision of 5%. Tests were performed on artificial standard sea ice and confirmed the reproducibility of the technique in the range of precision of the gas chromatograph. To test the accuracy of this method, the first profiles of pCO2 measured in bulk sea ice are reported and compared with direct in situ measurements of brine pCO2 over depth-integrated intervals.

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      Towards a method for high vertical resolution measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 within bulk sea ice
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      Towards a method for high vertical resolution measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 within bulk sea ice
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      Towards a method for high vertical resolution measurements of the partial pressure of CO2 within bulk sea ice
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