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JFM Rapids information

JFM Rapids provides a highly-visible venue for short, high-quality papers across the full range of fluid mechanics. JFM Rapids must meet the high standards expected of all papers published in JFM, presenting fully developed and supported primary research rather than brief notes. They must fit naturally within 10 pages at the time of submission, constructed in LaTeX using the plain JFM class file in the standard font with single line spacing.  Any figures, tables and the references must be included in the 10 page limit.

JFM Rapids benefit from prioritized peer review and rapid online publication. Papers are therefore expected to warrant this distinct treatment by being prepared to such a standard and attracting sufficiently strong endorsements from the referees that they require only a single round of refereeing.

Just as with standard submissions, everything that is required for the understanding of the paper must be contained in the submission itself. Purely technical material may be moved to Appendices (and counted towards the 10-page limit). Authors are reminded that Supplementary Material must be completely ancillary and cannot be used as a means of shortening a paper.

Papers that are longer than 10 pages or that have been artificially shortened to meet the page limit will automatically be transferred to the Standard section of JFM.

It is the author's responsibility to ensure that papers meet the 10-page criterion on first submission and that articles designated as Rapids during the submission process are sent to one of the Editors dealing exclusively with Rapids papers.

Papers published in JFM Rapids will be strongly endorsed by referees and will be expected only to require minor changes to improve clarity. Authors of submissions requiring more extensive revision will be invited to resubmit revised papers for the Standard section of JFM.  Papers that are rejected having been submitted to Rapids are rejected on behalf of the whole Journal and may not be submitted for consideration by another associate editor of JFM, whether for Rapids or as a Standard paper.

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The latest Rapids are displayed below, and are available to view in order of publication date, title, or article number.

The median time from submission to final publication within a volume is currently under 90 days.