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JFM online only in 2020

The Journal of Fluid Mechanics will be moving to an online-only format in January 2020 to ensure readers get the most of their subscription and receive the benefits of coming changes.

Access all that JFM has to offer

The print version of JFM already misses out on as much as 15% of the journal’s content, as JFM Rapids and JFM Perspectives are articles that are published online-only and not in print. Print-only subscribers will not have access to these articles, nor to an ever-increasing amount of video content or online-only supplementary materials. Going online-only ensures you have access to all of JFM content.

Digital innovations

JFM Classifications are already online, allowing readers to access papers in related topics. As we continue to shift focus away from print, future improvements to the journal will include graphical abstracts and in-line media PDF, integration with computational reproducibility platforms and improved 2D and 3D data visualisation. These added features cannot be carried over into print. Accessing JFM online is the only way readers can benefit from these changes.

Free colour

The move to online-only means all readers will have access to colour for all data, images, illustrations and animations. Authors do not need to pay extra for displaying coloured figures in their manuscripts.

Access content quickly

Reading JFM online is the fastest way for users to access the most up-to-date papers quickly and easily. Online users are already taking advantage of the ‘JFM classifications’ feature, which enables readers to quickly find more papers in their area of interest.

Meeting the needs of the community

Ultimately, the shift to online-only is about ensuring the Journal of Fluid Mechanics can meet the needs of authors and researchers by providing them with access, tools and data they require to stay on top of their field – now and into the future.

If you have any questions about your institution's access to JFM, please contact your university librarian or, if you wish to subscribe to the journal or have any other queries on the above, please contact customer services:


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