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Wind-tunnel simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer: a report on Euromech 50

  • J. C. R. Hunt (a1) and H. Fernholz (a2)


The 50th Euromech Colloquium, on wind-tunnel simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer, was held in Berlin from 23–25 September 1974. Thirty-eight participants from eleven countries were present. Papers were presented describing and analysing different methods of simulation of neutral, stable and unstable atmospheric conditions in various types of wind tunnel. Numerous applications of wind-tunnel simulations were described or mentioned in the papers and the discussion sessions. Some conclusions about the validity, the techniques, the limitations and future developments of wind-tunnel simulations were reached in discussion. Tables are presented in appendix A listing the institutes in Europe and the U.S.A. of actual or invited participants where wind tunnels are used for simulation work; also listed are the characteristics of the wind tunnels and relevant measurements of the simulated atmospheric boundary layers, to enable comparisons to be made between different techniques.



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Wind-tunnel simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer: a report on Euromech 50

  • J. C. R. Hunt (a1) and H. Fernholz (a2)


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