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Vortex dynamics of clapping plates

  • Daegyoum Kim (a1), Fazle Hussain (a2) and Morteza Gharib (a1)


Vortex formation and force generation of clapping plates with various aspect ratios ( $AR$ ) and stroke angles were investigated. Experiments were performed with a pair of hinged rectangular plates that were rotated symmetrically in a static fluid, and defocusing digital particle image velocimetry was employed to measure the three-dimensional flow field. Single-plate cases were also studied to compare with clapping plate cases. As $AR$ decreases, both circulation of the tip vortex and area enclosed by the vortex loop increase inversely. An empirical power-law relationship with a negative exponent is found between total impulse and $AR$ for a given stroke angle. The sensitivity of the force generated by the plates to the change of $AR$ is larger at the smaller stroke angle because of faster acceleration and deceleration. The increase in impulse per plate from the single-plate case to the clapping double-plate case is larger for lower $AR$ . These results reveal that low $AR$ wings are more efficient in propulsive force generation in some specific modes of unsteady flapping flight. The evolution of the wake structures is found to depend on $AR$ and stroke angle.


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Vortex dynamics of clapping plates

  • Daegyoum Kim (a1), Fazle Hussain (a2) and Morteza Gharib (a1)


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