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Viscoelastic effects on the jetting–dripping transition in co-flowing capillary jets

  • J. M. MONTANERO (a1) and A. M. GAÑÁN-CALVO (a2)


Linear hydrodynamics stability analysis is used to determine the influence of elasticity on the jetting–dripping transition and on the temporal stability of non-axisymmetric modes in co-flowing capillary jets. The critical Weber number for which axisymmetric perturbations undergo a transition from convective to absolute instability is calculated from the spatio-temporal analysis of the dispersion relation for Oldroyd-B liquids, as a function of the density and viscosity ratios, and the Reynolds and Deborah numbers. Elasticity increases the critical Weber number for all cases analysed and, consequently, fosters the transition from jetting to dripping. The temporal analysis of the dispersion relation for the m = 1 lateral mode shows that elasticity does not affect its stability.



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Viscoelastic effects on the jetting–dripping transition in co-flowing capillary jets

  • J. M. MONTANERO (a1) and A. M. GAÑÁN-CALVO (a2)


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