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Velocity measurements in an oscillating plane jet issuing into a moving air stream

  • J. M. Simmons (a1), M. F. Platzer (a2) and T. C. Smith (a2)


Hot-wire anemometer measurements in a plane jet issuing at a harmonically oscillating angle into a moving air stream have been made to aid the understanding of oscillatory jet flows in general and flow past aerofoils with oscillating jet flaps in particular. The rates of velocity decay and jet spreading are shown to be greater and less, respectively, than those for a steady jet parallel to the air stream. The shapes of instantaneous velocity profiles and limited measurements of turbulence intensity are similar to those for a steady jet in a parallel air stream if a correction is made for the small velocity difference across the curved jet. The motion of the jet centre-line indicates that flow path lines are similar to those for a steady jet flap over a significant range of frequency of jet oscillation. Finally, a quasi-steady jet flap theory is proposed for an analytical description of the major flow features.



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Velocity measurements in an oscillating plane jet issuing into a moving air stream

  • J. M. Simmons (a1), M. F. Platzer (a2) and T. C. Smith (a2)


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