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Turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces in wakes in stably stratified fluids

  • Tomoaki Watanabe (a1) (a2), James J. Riley (a1), Stephen M. de Bruyn Kops (a3), Peter J. Diamessis (a4) and Qi Zhou (a5)...


We report on a study, employing direct numerical simulations, of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface of a wake in a stably stratified fluid. It is found that thresholds for both enstrophy and potential enstrophy are needed to identify the interface. Using conditional averaging relative to the location of the interface, various quantities of interest are examined. The thickness of the interface is found to scale with the Kolmogorov scale. From an examination of the Ozmidov and Kolmogorov length scales as well as the buoyancy Reynolds number, it is found that the buoyancy Reynolds number decreases and becomes of order 1 near the interface, indicating the suppression of the turbulence there by the stable stratification. Finally the overall rate of loss of energy due to internal wave radiation is found to be comparable to the overall rate of loss due to turbulent kinetic energy dissipation.


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Turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces in wakes in stably stratified fluids

  • Tomoaki Watanabe (a1) (a2), James J. Riley (a1), Stephen M. de Bruyn Kops (a3), Peter J. Diamessis (a4) and Qi Zhou (a5)...


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