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Turbulent flow similarity over an array of cubes in near-neutrally stratified atmospheric flow

  • A. INAGAKI (a1) and M. KANDA (a1)


The main objective of this study is to examine the robustness of the inner-layer scaling similarity of near-wall turbulence. The turbulent boundary layer of interest is over a very rough surface with a very high Reynolds number and significant outer-layer disturbances. This is not consistent with the canonical turbulent flows studied in laboratories, but it is common in urban areas. The investigation was conducted using the comprehensive outdoor scale model (COSMO) facility. COSMO is composed of a regular array of 1.5 m concrete cubes on a 50×100 m2 flat concrete base. This unique facility allows us to obtain the turbulent dataset within the vertical constant stress region under near-neutral stratification at high Reynolds numbers. The turbulent spectra and the standard deviation of velocity fluctuations from COSMO were compared with the values obtained over rural and urban surfaces, and in wind-tunnel experiments.

The results confirmed that the inner-layer scaling similarity was robust for the wall-normal fluctuations and the Reynolds stress, independent of the roughness types and the outer-layer conditions. The inner-layer scaling similarity failed for the horizontal velocity fluctuations owing to the influence of the outer-layer disturbance. The relative importance of outer-layer turbulence to inner-layer-scale eddies in the horizontal velocity fluctuations was successfully quantified in terms of the roughness scale normalized by the outer-layer scale.



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