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Topographic waves in open domains. Part 2. Bay modes and resonances

  • Thomas F. Stocker (a1) and E. R. Johnson (a2)


The topographic wave equation is solved in a domain consisting of a channel with a terminating bay zone. For exponential depth profiles the problem reduces to an algebraic eigenvalue problem. In a flat channel adjacent to a shelf–like bay zone the solutions form a countably infinite set of orthogonal bay modes: the spectrum of eigenfrequencies is purely discrete. A channel with transverse topography allows wave propagation towards and away from the bay: the spectrum has a continuous part below the cutoff frequency of free channel waves. Above this cutoff frequency a finite number (possibly zero) of bay-trapped solutions occur. Bounds for this number are given. At particular frequencies below the cutoff the system is in resonance with the incident wave. These resonances are shown to be associated with bay modes.



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Topographic waves in open domains. Part 2. Bay modes and resonances

  • Thomas F. Stocker (a1) and E. R. Johnson (a2)


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