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Three-dimensional flow over two spheres placed side by side

  • Inchul Kim (a1), Said Elghobashi (a1) and William A. Sirignano (a1)


Three-dimensional flow over two identical (solid or liquid) spheres which are held fixed relative to each other with the line connecting their centres normal to a uniform I stream is investigated numerically at Reynolds numbers 50, 100, and 150. We consider the lift, moment, and drag coefficients on the spheres and investigate their dependence on the distance between the two spheres. The computations show that, for a given Reynolds number, the two spheres are repelled when the spacing is of the order of the diameter but are weakly attracted at intermediate separation distances. For small spacing, the vortical structure of the near wake is significantly different from that of the axisymmetric wake that establishes at large separations. The partially confined flow passing between the two spheres entrains the flows coming around their other sides. Our results agree with available experimental and numerical data.



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Three-dimensional flow over two spheres placed side by side

  • Inchul Kim (a1), Said Elghobashi (a1) and William A. Sirignano (a1)


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