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Tensorial hydrodynamic slip

  • MARTIN Z. BAZANT (a1) (a2) and OLGA I. VINOGRADOVA (a3) (a2)


We describe a tensorial generalization of the Navier slip boundary condition and illustrate its use in solving for flows around anisotropic textured surfaces. Tensorial slip can be derived from molecular or microstructural theories or simply postulated as a constitutive relation, subject to certain general constraints on the interfacial mobility. The power of the tensor formalism is to capture complicated effects of surface anisotropy, while preserving a simple fluid domain. This is demonstrated by exact solutions for laminar shear flow and pressure-driven flow between parallel plates of arbitrary and different textures. From such solutions, the effects of rotating a texture follow from simple matrix algebra. Our results may be useful for extracting local slip tensors from global measurements, such as the permeability of a textured channel or the force required to move a patterned surface, in experiments or simulations.



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Tensorial hydrodynamic slip

  • MARTIN Z. BAZANT (a1) (a2) and OLGA I. VINOGRADOVA (a3) (a2)


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